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Posts Tagged: Spokane Medical Staffing

How to Improve Your Employee Recognition Program


It’s been widely proven that employee recognition programs positively impact a company’s morale, culture, productivity and retention rate. But your program must be strategically planned, fully supported and consistently implemented. Otherwise, it will backfire. It cannot be a “flavor of the month.” Use these tips to keep your recognition program on track towards optimal results:… Read more »

Your Interview Process Needs a Follow-Up: Don’t Forget to Include This!


Interview follow-up is a critical, yet often overlooked, part of the job search process. It allows you to thank your interviewers for their time while reiterating your interest and your potential to making a positive contribution to their company or practice. It’s important to follow up in a timely and appropriate manner. In fact, the… Read more »

Top Reasons to Partner with a Medical Specific Staffing Firm


When it comes to choosing the best recruitment firm for your job search, one size doesn’t fit all. While a good generalist firm will likely find you a position, partnering with a recruiter who specializes in the medical field gives you the best chance of landing the right job sooner. Staffing firms that specialize in… Read more »

What is ICD-10 and how will it Impact You?


On April 1, the federal Protecting Access to Medicare Act was enacted, stating that the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 coding for HIPAA-covered entities may not be adopted till October 1, 2015. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services is expected to confirm this one-year postponement in the near future. The ICD-9 code sets… Read more »

Should Medical Professionals Use LinkedIn?


As a medical professional, you may feel leery about your social media presence. It’s too easy to mix your personal and professional lives and the very nature of your work demands privacy and confidentiality. But LinkedIn is a unique forum, geared solely toward professional matters. The site has more than 1.5 million healthcare users registered… Read more »

Analysis of Pharmacy Technicians


Pharmacy technicians are playing an increasingly important role as health care evolves and these specialists are called upon to assume new and more challenging responsibilities. A pharmacy tech assists licensed pharmacists in dispensing prescription medications in drug store, pharmacy, hospital and ambulatory care settings. Requiring a high-school diploma or equivalent level of education and moderate… Read more »

Stressed? Use These Tips to Get Through the Work Day


The worst thing you can do is ignore workplace stress and hope it goes away. Some stress at work is normal, but if excessive, it can interfere with your performance and impact your physical and emotional health. Your ability to manage stress can mean the difference between success and failure. Managing workplace stress doesn’t have… Read more »

Hiring Temporary Help to Staff Up During Peak Seasons


A recent Harvard University study showed that 58 percent of employers plan to use temporary workers at all organizational levels – from CEO on down – over the next few years. The American Staffing Association reported that U.S. companies employed an average of 2.8 million temporary and contract employees per day in 2011. Successful hiring… Read more »

Health Care within the Tri Cities


Health care is a dynamic business – and a wellspring of career opportunities. With the onset of Obama care, ongoing technological breakthroughs, and the continued growth of our nation’s aging population, career opportunities continue to flourish in the healthcare industry. The Tri Cities area is no exception. The Tri Cities Picture Since 2000, the Tri… Read more »

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