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Posts Tagged: Spokane Medical Recruitment

Generosity: Good for Customer Service and Awesome for Your Reputation!


Customer service is important for any business – but in healthcare, it takes on a whole new meaning. Great patient care requires compassion and a “patient first” mindset that applies without exception. And erring on the side of generosity is the best way to consistently make this happen. Scenarios to Consider Choose generosity over the… Read more »

Reasons to Stay in Touch with Your Medical Recruiter


Even after you land your dream job, it’s a smart career move to maintain an ongoing relationship with your medical recruiter. The health care industry is wide open for new opportunities and no one knows better than your niche recruitment expert where to find them and when they’ll arise. Here’s how – and why –… Read more »

Celebrate the Holidays | Healthcare Professionals


When you entered the healthcare field, you knew it was a 365-day-a-year job. But you’re only human, and when the holidays roll around, it’s natural to feel a bit cheated when you have to work on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or the night shift on December 31. Despite those inevitable holiday shifts, remember that you’re… Read more »

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