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Posts Tagged: Medical Employment in Spokane

Focusing on Your Health in 2018? Consider Adding a Fitbit to Your Routine!


Despite huge technological advances, the basic science of fitness hasn’t changed. The best rule of thumb is: Exercise more and eat less. And if you combine this philosophy with a Fitbit, you can achieve tremendous benefit from your wearable sensor. Also known as a fitness tracker, a Fitbit can be used alone or with a… Read more »

Should Certified Nursing Assistants Set Up a LinkedIn Account?


If you have any doubts about setting up a LinkedIn account as part of your certified nursing assistant job search, you can erase them right now. Nearly 95 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to source and vet candidates. The go-to network for professional networking, LinkedIn is designed for maximum interaction. It invites you to reach… Read more »

5 Must Do’s for Reentering the Workforce


A growing number of job seekers are choosing non-traditional career trajectories. At the same time, the healthcare field is wide open to new opportunities, as technology improves, the population continues to age, and the Affordable Care Act and related programs take hold. So, if you’ve opted out of work for a time, you can still… Read more »

Consider These 3 Tips Before Relocating for a Job


Securing a new job from a long distance can be challenging. But if you are proactive and calculated in your approach, you may find yourself working in that state-of-the-art medical center, cutting-edge facility or for that industry-leading company, sooner than you thought possible. Here are three tips to follow: Include an arrival date in your… Read more »

Ace Your Allied Health Interview


Congratulations! You have an interview, which is a milestone in your job search. After reviewing your resume and other initial introductory steps, your potential new employer wants to get to know you in person. You’re not interviewing for a position as a salesperson but every interview is, in essence, a sales presentation. And the product… Read more »

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