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Why Emotional Intelligence is Essential to Succeed in Healthcare

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is much more than simply putting on a happy face when interacting with patients. In a healthcare setting, EQ can make all the difference between positive outcomes and engagement – and patients leaving your facility dissatisfied and disillusioned with their care. As you successfully manage your healthcare team, you need to… Read more »

Is Your Medical Staff Suffering from Burnout?

According to a recent study, the national turnover rate among hospital healthcare workers is 16.5 percent. It can take between 36 and 97 days to replace an experienced RN, and the average turnover-related cost for a bedside nurse is between $44,380 and $63,400. While many factors contribute to health care turnover – and the statistics… Read more »

How to Perfect Your CNA Resume to Include All Your Past Accomplishments

When a hiring manager first looks at a resume, it takes them just seconds to decide whether or not it’s worth their time. Numerous studies note that the time a reviewer spends on their initial scan of a resume is six to 10 seconds. One specialist who hires nursing assistants said they spend about 20… Read more »

Is Your Bedside Manner Negatively Impacting the Patient’s Overall Facility Experience?

How you act and treat patients and their loved ones can impact your success as a healthcare provider and make or break your professional reputation. Providers with good bedside manners have a better rapport with patients and ultimately provide better care. The opposite scenario is bad bedside manner: acting disengaged, too busy, insincere, distracted, angry,… Read more »

How to Instill Empathy in Your Employees

Which professional characteristic do you think LinkedIn has identified as the number-one job skill for 2020? It’s not a hard skill, like expertise in data analysis, programming, or technology – though these are very important. But the top trait you need to look for as you hire a leading staff is empathy. Empathy makes any… Read more »

How to Use LinkedIn if You’re in Healthcare

The leading online site for professional networking, LinkedIn is the go-to source for healthcare professional interactions. By creating and building your own LinkedIn brand, you can take control of how you represent yourself on the job market. More than 1.5 million healthcare pros are registered via LinkedIn for networking, job searching and professional development purposes…. Read more »

Why it’s Okay to Say No to Overtime

Is overtime dragging you down? Too much time on the job threatens your work/life balance. In worst-case scenarios, it also can jeopardize your health – and that’s far more important than keeping your inbox clear. Research by The Lancet recently indicated that working 55 hours or more per week, as opposed to 40 hours or… Read more »

How to Wow in Your Nursing Job Interview

Even the most qualified candidates need to strategize and prepare for job interviews. Interviewing is a learned skill – and there are no second chances to make a great first impression. How can you be ready to ace your next nursing job interview? Be Prepared Thoroughly review the job description ahead of time and reflect… Read more »

3 Benefits of Accepting a Contract Position to Help Launch a Permanent Job

A contract job as a step toward finding your next great permanent position may not sound ideal at first. But it can prove to be an excellent strategy, both for the short and long term. Here are three reasons why: You can test drive a job, an employer or a new field. As you keep… Read more »

How to Respond when an Interviewer Asks about Your Favorite Management Style

During your interview process, an employer may want to assess how you respond and relate to supervisors, whether you have any issues with authority, and the basic nature of your work style. As they complete this assessment, they may ask about your preferred management style. This helps them determine how you will fit into their… Read more »

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