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How to Manage a Healthy Diet when Working the Night Shift

Approximately 3.2 percent of employees work night shifts, as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. For them, maintaining a healthy diet can be challenging. Recent research has shown that workers on evening and night shifts tend to gain more weight and have higher blood pressure than their peers who work days. This is… Read more »

Does Your Resume Need a Clean Up Before You Apply for Your Next Job?

Spring cleaning is more than just a cliché when it comes to your resume. Whether you are a new grad – or will be competing against them, as well as other top-notch healthcare pros – now is a great time to refresh, update and declutter your resume … or maybe even develop some new, tailored… Read more »

How to Secure the BEST Possible References in the Medical Industry

As you launch your job search, you may be so busy with resumes, cover letters, research, and interview prep, that you neglect another critical tool: your references. You may think that references really don’t matter all that much – but you would be wrong in this assumption. While most employers will not conduct a detailed… Read more »

Four Low-Cost Employee Recognition Strategies When Pay Raises Aren’t an Option

Research has shown that feeling appreciated, which comes from recognition by your peers and superiors, is one of the top drivers of employee engagement. And it doesn’t have to be costly. If your budget has no room for raises or bonuses related to above-and-beyond performance, there are other ways to let your employees know how… Read more »

Is Relocation on Your Radar to Land a New Job?

When does it make sense to relocate for a new job? It’s a big decision – one made every year by close to 20 percent of Americans, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. You need to have an honest conversation – with yourself and with others who play a significant role in your life –… Read more »

Networking Your Way to a New Job: How to Meet the Right People to Help You on Your Journey

Career experts agree that the vast majority of job openings are never advertised. They are filled via word of mouth or networking. This is known as the “hidden job market.” Networking means developing a broad list of contacts and using them to your advantage when job hunting. Studies have shown that through networking, you enhance… Read more »

3 Tips to Keep Your Medical Team Engaged & Focused While at Work

Even the best managers struggle to allocate their team members’ time wisely. In one recent study, only 35 percent of executives said they felt they were achieving this goal on a regular basis. In another study, it was shown that companies with focused, engaged employees performed 202 percent better than their competitors with disengaged workforces…. Read more »

4 Ways to Rethink Your Strategy When Work Becomes Monotonous

Are you bored with your job? If so, you are not alone. One recent study showed that 36 percent of Americans wanted to leave their positions for new ones that would allow them to be more creative. Monotony is no fun, even if it does result in a paycheck. It pours cold water on the… Read more »

Use These 3 Tips to Stand Out When Following Up after a Great Interview

When it comes to landing a job, it’s up to you to take the lead and follow up after your interview. You need to take your professionalism another step and go the extra mile – every time. Employers debrief following interviews. They review resumes one more time, compare notes and discuss top candidates in detail…. Read more »

What are Your Professional Goals for 2016? Are You Actively Working Towards Them?

As the first quarter of the year winds down, how is 2016 looking in terms of achieving the professional goals you set at the onset of the New Year? If you feel as though you’re falling short, or perhaps have procrastinated on even getting started, don’t be discouraged. You still have plenty of time this… Read more »

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