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Top Energy Snacks to Keep You on Your Feet During Your Next Shift

There’s a wealth of scientific evidence to support the connection between what we eat and how we feel. Changing your diet – even when it comes to grabbing a quick snack during the workday – can significantly improve your metabolism, which ultimately enhances your energy level. Carbs Alone Don’t Cut It The best energy and… Read more »

Your Team Reflects You! 5 Coaching Tips to Help You Lead Your Medical Unit Effectively

What does it take to have a truly motivated team? Take a page from the best sports coaches and other leaders who achieve the right balance of passion, collaboration and productivity – and get optimal results from their team members. With coaching, you provide your employees the opportunity to grow and achieve the best possible… Read more »

Nervous About the Interview? Try These Easy Stress Reducers

It’s normal to feel nervousness and stress prior to a job interview. As noted by Dr. Tamar Chansky, author of Freeing Yourself from Anxiety, when you perceive that you’re in a high-stress situation, your brain doesn’t distinguish an interview from being under physical attack. It responds “in the same way – gearing up to run… Read more »

Can You Get to the Next Point in Your Career without a Career Mentor?

There is a lot of talk in the medical community, and professional workplaces as a whole, about career mentors. Experts from every corner of the employment sector suggest that building a relationship with a mentor is key to future career success. But can you succeed without a mentor? Of course, nothing is ever guaranteed, so… Read more »

Promoting Employees to Help Them Advance and Improve Their Careers

While your employees should take responsibility for advancing their own careers, it’s up to you to share in this goal. By collaborating with your people and promoting them within your own company, you benefit as a result of greater loyalty, higher retention and an enhanced reputation as an employer of choice. It becomes an ongoing… Read more »

How to Handle Disgruntled Patients in the Waiting Room

Most medical and support staffs agree that 95 percent of all patients are great to work with. They are easygoing and cooperative, and they understand when things don’t run as smoothly as they should on any given day. It’s the other five percent you need to worry about. By taking the right communication steps, you… Read more »

How to Respond to Families Who Disagree with Your Patient Decisions

Even patients – or family members – who are normally calm may reach their boiling point when an illness or injury threatens their or a loved one’s health, mobility or independence. Pain or fear often result in increased stress and anxiety, which can escalate into frustration, anger or loss of control. This is heightened if… Read more »

These are DEFINITELY Unnecessary Stressors at Work

There’s a certain amount of stress inherent in every job. What you don’t need are certain situations that tend to further exacerbate your work-related stress level. The best strategy for dealing with such scenarios is to face them head on and minimize or eliminate them, before they spiral out of control. You may worry about:… Read more »

Staying Healthy & Physically Active During 12-Hour Work Schedules

What’s the best way to stay in shape when you work 12-hour shifts? The answer lies in a few small, but important, lifestyle changes. By preparing correctly and making smart choices throughout the day, you will realize that your crazy work schedule does not preclude a wellness-oriented lifestyle. Make a schedule – and stick to… Read more »

Are You Providing Your Team with Enough Training after They’re Hired?

Some days, you may feel like it’s challenging enough just to keep up with scheduled patients – not to mention paperwork – and get through it all, much less build and manage an employee training schedule. But, ongoing training and development is a sound investment in the future of your business. If you’re struggling to… Read more »

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