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The Importance of Working with an Allied Health Specialized Recruiter

Partnering with a recruiter that specializes in the allied health industry has never been more important. The economy is on the upswing, the Affordable Care Act has kicked in, and as an allied health professional, you’re poised to land your dream job. If you’re an employer looking for top talent, the need to make the… Read more »

New Job? Here’s How to Connect with Other Employees on Day One

The first day at a new job can be tough. Even if your employer has gone out of their way to make you feel welcome, you’re still the new kid on the block. It takes time to learn the ropes. It gets easier – and you’re the key player in making that happen. Be proactive,… Read more »

Analysis of Nuclear Technologist Job Opportunities

If you’re considering a career as a nuclear technologist in a hospital, physician office or outpatient setting, the outlook is positive in the years ahead. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a growth rate of 20 percent in nuclear tech jobs in the decade ending in 2022. Factors contributing to this encouraging forecast include… Read more »

Stressed? Use These Tips to Get Through the Work Day

The worst thing you can do is ignore workplace stress and hope it goes away. Some stress at work is normal, but if excessive, it can interfere with your performance and impact your physical and emotional health. Your ability to manage stress can mean the difference between success and failure. Managing workplace stress doesn’t have… Read more »

Hiring Temporary Help to Staff Up During Peak Seasons

A recent Harvard University study showed that 58 percent of employers plan to use temporary workers at all organizational levels – from CEO on down – over the next few years. The American Staffing Association reported that U.S. companies employed an average of 2.8 million temporary and contract employees per day in 2011. Successful hiring… Read more »

Onboarding 101: Making Temporary Employees Feel a Part of the Team

In today’s workforce, temporary workers represent 26 percent of employees at a company – and this number is growing steadily. The trend toward temps is notable in the healthcare industry with this year’s implementation of the Affordable Care Act, giving thousands more Americans access to insurance coverage. Increasing amounts of work are going to highly-skilled… Read more »

Analysis of Medical Billing Specialists

Spokane Healthcare providers rely heavily on their billing specialists; in fact, they couldn’t stay in business without them. And in light of the aging Baby Boomer population, the onset of health care reform, and an industry-wide transition to digitized medical records, this is a field that can only continue to grow. A  Day in the… Read more »

The Current State of the Nursing Industry

It’s a great time to be a nurse. The healthcare industry is crying out for your skills, as the nation experiences possibly the most severe shortage of registered nurses in 50 years. That’s right. Not since Lyndon Johnson was in the White House has the U.S. been in more dire need of RNs, as Baby… Read more »

Increasing Mobile Dependency in Healthcare

As is the trend across most industries, an increasing number of healthcare employees are working on the go – and taking their mobile devices with them. Technological advancements around smartphones, iPads and tablets are exploding, and the result has been greater effectiveness and improvements in healthcare access, affordability, quality and patient/provider relations. The numbers tell… Read more »

Is Your Top Candidate Your Best Candidate?

When hiring a new employee, you can’t afford to settle for less than the best. Every hire is a major investment – and you want and need to realize a successful return. What do you need to do to make this happen? It Takes a Team Invest some time and energy up front as you… Read more »

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