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Recruitment Strategies to Target Your Nurse Hiring Process

Finding, hiring and retaining top nursing talent is mission critical. At the same time, it’s increasingly challenging in today’s job marketplace. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of RN vacancies in the country will be nearly 1.2 million between now and 2022. There is stiff competition to recruit and hire, among… Read more »

How to Find the Positives in Your Workday: Putting Your Challenges into Perspective

Does your job sometimes feel like a real downer? Whether you work in hands-on patient care or in a support role, you may find it difficult to keep things in perspective and realize the positive aspects of your workday – and to a greater extent, your choice of a career. Before you make any drastic… Read more »

Looking to Quit Your Job? Answer These Questions First

Everybody has bad days at work now and then – and even bad weeks or months. This can be painfully evident in healthcare, where patient and industry demands can really take a toll. But, beyond those occasional rough patches, how can you tell when you may seriously need to think about changing jobs? You don’t… Read more »

Three Strategies to Turn Your Meetings into More Productive Opportunities for Everyone Involved

Meetings are expensive – often taking skilled professionals away from essential patient care duties. You need to achieve a meaningful return on this investment of people’s time, energy and talents. Follow these tips to shift your company culture away from ineffective meetings to increased productivity, streamlined business processes, and enhanced staff engagement. It’s about time!… Read more »

How to Lift the Spirits of a Coworker Who Is Down or Unmotivated

You’ve probably been there yourself: You’re physically at work, but you’re not at your best. You may have something on your mind, be tired or feeling burned out, or maybe, things just haven’t been going your way lately. The underlying reason could be personal or work-related. What matters is: you could really use a boost… Read more »

Focusing on Your Health in 2018? Consider Adding a Fitbit to Your Routine!

Despite huge technological advances, the basic science of fitness hasn’t changed. The best rule of thumb is: Exercise more and eat less. And if you combine this philosophy with a Fitbit, you can achieve tremendous benefit from your wearable sensor. Also known as a fitness tracker, a Fitbit can be used alone or with a… Read more »

Is Your Facebook Profile the Reason You’re Not Getting that Call Back after an Interview?

Your Facebook profile may win over your friends, but a social media mistake can cost you a job. While LinkedIn remains the most frequently used resource for hiring purposes, Facebook is the largest and widest social media network overall, with close to two billion members. Seventy percent of Facebook users engage daily, compared to only… Read more »

Exceed Your 2018 Career Projections by Following These Steps

What are your career goals for 2018? Are you seeking a promotion? Looking to learn new skills? Or, maybe it’s time for a job change. Whatever they are, don’t let those New Year’s resolutions lose their luster as you settle into the nitty gritty of the remainder of the year. Stay on Plan You should… Read more »

What is Considered Proper Interview Attire for CNAs?

Dressing for success in a job begins even before you’re hired – at your interview. You only get one chance to make a good first impression. As you vie for your next CNA position, your interview clothing should be modest, attractive and professional.  Presenting yourself well paves the way for a successful overall hiring experience…. Read more »

Are You Scaring Nurses Away with Your Management Style?

Finding and keeping good nurses is a challenge. It’s a candidate’s market, so if a nurse is unhappy in their job for very long, chances are high that they will go elsewhere – whether it’s a transfer to another floor or unit, or a move to a new hospital, company or facility. Recent research shows… Read more »

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