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Top Jobs: Medical Records Specialists

Formerly – and sometimes still – known as medical records specialists, the latest job title for these in-demand healthcare professionals is health information technician. They hold more than 170,000 jobs in U.S. hospitals, physician offices, nursing care facilities, outpatient care centers and home health care services, as well as insurance companies and public health departments…. Read more »

Minimizing Workplace Stress to Increase Productivity

Stress is inevitable – at work and in life. Finding ways to manage workplace stress – which is experienced by 80 percent of employees, everywhere – doesn’t mean you have to make monumental changes or rethink your career ambitions. It simply means you have to concentrate on you – the one thing that you alone… Read more »

Improving Employee Retention in the Workplace

The economy has rebounded and as a result, employee retention is a critical issue. Workers who may have been hesitant during the recession are now ready and willing to make career moves. Baby Boomers continue to retire and millennial employees are launching and advancing their careers at warp speed. These young employees want career growth… Read more »

Will Your LinkedIn Profile Soon Replace Your Traditional Resume?

Though LinkedIn has transformed the way recruiters find talent, your profile on this leading professional site won’t be replacing your resume any time soon. Each has a specific and differentiated role to play in your overall job search strategy. A good resume constitutes up to 80 percent of a good LinkedIn profile and you optimize… Read more »

Top Jobs: Medical Billers & Coders

Today’s healthcare world is challenging. Coding rules are evolving, with the onset of ICD-10 now less than a year away. Medical billers and coders are in demand as they continue to help providers, practices and payers save money, enhance patient care and optimize efficiency.

As 4Q Continues, Will You Reach Your Annual Goals?

As the fourth quarter progresses, you still have time to make it an extraordinary year for your business or practice. It’s not too late to reach this year’s goals – and it’s a great time to set the tone for success in 2015. Reflect on Your Year to Date As you prepare to drive your… Read more »

Certifications are Key to Advancing Your Allied Health Career: Here’s Why

A professional certification may not be required for your allied health job, but it’s almost always a wise career move. Investing in certification opens doors can move you to the top of a candidate list, expand your clinical scope, enhance your earnings and more. Certification can give you more leverage to choose your employer. For… Read more »

Is Your Allied Health Resume Where it Needs to Be?

Your resume is your primary marketing tool as you advance your allied health career. It’s critical to present yourself in the best way possible, so you emerge as the front runner when it comes to filling your desired position. Open Strong Start your resume with a strong opening statement that immediately grabs attention and highlights… Read more »

“Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?”

It’s one of the most commonly-asked job interview questions. Your response reassures a hiring manager that you won’t be using the job as a quick stepping stone and leaving in a year, gunning for anyone When an interviewer asks, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” they want to understand whether: You’re looking for… Read more »

Today’s Top Jobs: Certified Medical Assistant

A routine doctor’s appointment is actually a visit with an entire team of qualified professionals – including a growing number of certified medical assistants, or CMAs. Their job is a mix of clinical and administrative responsibilities and they’re likely the first and last people you’ll see during your time at the hospital, physician office, outpatient… Read more »

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