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Why Every Great Employee Needs to Plan a Vacation This Summer


You may think the world will end – or at the very least, your business, department or office will crumble to the ground – if you step away from your desk for more than a day or two. Take a reality check. If this is your mindset, you’re missing out on much-needed time to regroup… Read more »

Understanding the Impact of Your Tone: Tips for Medical Receptionists


In any medical practice, effective communication is vital to patient care and business success. As a receptionist, you’re on the front line, as you often are the first contact a patient has with your company. Remember, at this point, a patient may not feel well and is likely anxious or stressed about their health issues,… Read more »

Things to Consider Before Pursuing a Career in Nursing


Nursing is one of the world’s most trusted professions – and as a career choice, it offers a high level of job security and income potential. The average RN today earns $68,000 a year or more. You can choose from myriad clinical specialties and healthcare settings – and if you truly enjoy caring for others,… Read more »

Why Emotional Intelligence is Essential to Succeed in Healthcare


Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is much more than simply putting on a happy face when interacting with patients. In a healthcare setting, EQ can make all the difference between positive outcomes and engagement – and patients leaving your facility dissatisfied and disillusioned with their care. As you successfully manage your healthcare team, you need to… Read more »

How to Use LinkedIn if You’re in Healthcare


The leading online site for professional networking, LinkedIn is the go-to source for healthcare professional interactions. By creating and building your own LinkedIn brand, you can take control of how you represent yourself on the job market. More than 1.5 million healthcare pros are registered via LinkedIn for networking, job searching and professional development purposes…. Read more »

Why it’s Okay to Say No to Overtime


Is overtime dragging you down? Too much time on the job threatens your work/life balance. In worst-case scenarios, it also can jeopardize your health – and that’s far more important than keeping your inbox clear. Research by The Lancet recently indicated that working 55 hours or more per week, as opposed to 40 hours or… Read more »

How to Wow in Your Nursing Job Interview


Even the most qualified candidates need to strategize and prepare for job interviews. Interviewing is a learned skill – and there are no second chances to make a great first impression. How can you be ready to ace your next nursing job interview? Be Prepared Thoroughly review the job description ahead of time and reflect… Read more »

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