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Posts Categorized: HR & Management

Trends that are Changing the Way We Recruit Nurses


When you recruit a nurse to your patient care team, it goes without saying that you need a qualified, educated professional with the level of experience that positions them for success and is of optimal benefit to each and every person you serve. But in addition to clinical and technical skills, it’s increasingly important to… Read more »

How is AI Changing Your Patients’ Experiences?


The amount of available digital data is growing at a staggering pace, doubling every two years. In 2012, it encompassed 4.4 zettabytes. By 2020, the data created and stored annually will reach 44 zettabytes, or 44 trillion gigabytes. What does this Big Data revolution mean to healthcare – and how will it impact the average’s… Read more »

How to Help Your Employees Live a Stress-Free Life In and Out of Work


When you work in healthcare, stress tends to come with the job. Keeping it in check, however, is essential to an employee’s productivity, morale and overall well-being. Moreover, it becomes critical to maintaining high-quality patient care and service, as the negative effects of stress will inevitably spill over into a person’s day-to-day performance. Help your… Read more »

Recruitment Strategies to Target Your Nurse Hiring Process


Finding, hiring and retaining top nursing talent is mission critical. At the same time, it’s increasingly challenging in today’s job marketplace. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of RN vacancies in the country will be nearly 1.2 million between now and 2022. There is stiff competition to recruit and hire, among… Read more »

Three Strategies to Turn Your Meetings into More Productive Opportunities for Everyone Involved


Meetings are expensive – often taking skilled professionals away from essential patient care duties. You need to achieve a meaningful return on this investment of people’s time, energy and talents. Follow these tips to shift your company culture away from ineffective meetings to increased productivity, streamlined business processes, and enhanced staff engagement. It’s about time!… Read more »

How to Lift the Spirits of a Coworker Who Is Down or Unmotivated


You’ve probably been there yourself: You’re physically at work, but you’re not at your best. You may have something on your mind, be tired or feeling burned out, or maybe, things just haven’t been going your way lately. The underlying reason could be personal or work-related. What matters is: you could really use a boost… Read more »

Are You Scaring Nurses Away with Your Management Style?


Finding and keeping good nurses is a challenge. It’s a candidate’s market, so if a nurse is unhappy in their job for very long, chances are high that they will go elsewhere – whether it’s a transfer to another floor or unit, or a move to a new hospital, company or facility. Recent research shows… Read more »

A Look at the Top 3 HR Posts from 2017


As healthcare employers vied for the best talent management strategies in 2017, MedicalPros Recruiting & Staffing blog followers were on the right track.  They expressed interest in helping their employees to stay well, stay satisfied, and stay engaged on the job – confident that improved business results would naturally follow. Here’s a look at our… Read more »

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