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Posts Categorized: HR & Management

How to Lift the Spirits of a Coworker Who Is Down or Unmotivated


You’ve probably been there yourself: You’re physically at work, but you’re not at your best. You may have something on your mind, be tired or feeling burned out, or maybe, things just haven’t been going your way lately. The underlying reason could be personal or work-related. What matters is: you could really use a boost… Read more »

Are You Scaring Nurses Away with Your Management Style?


Finding and keeping good nurses is a challenge. It’s a candidate’s market, so if a nurse is unhappy in their job for very long, chances are high that they will go elsewhere – whether it’s a transfer to another floor or unit, or a move to a new hospital, company or facility. Recent research shows… Read more »

A Look at the Top 3 HR Posts from 2017


As healthcare employers vied for the best talent management strategies in 2017, MedicalPros Recruiting & Staffing blog followers were on the right track.  They expressed interest in helping their employees to stay well, stay satisfied, and stay engaged on the job – confident that improved business results would naturally follow. Here’s a look at our… Read more »

Three Concrete Ways to Decrease Employee Morale


  There’s more to being the boss than just telling people what to do. To be an effective leader, you need to build rapport and foster real relationships with your employees. This will help ensure that you meet team goals and keep your business on track for success. Good morale is essential for employee retention,… Read more »

Team Building Activities for Your Medical Unit Staff This Winter


Even in the dark days of winter, team building is one of the best investments you can make. In fact, it may be even more important as people deal with the stress of the holidays – and the seasonal slump that often follows. This can be a tough time for healthcare workers, as well as… Read more »

How to Motivate Your Medical Staff When You See Their Morale Decreasing


There’s no doubt that positive morale is key to your business success. Happier staff members are more productive, and this inevitably spills over into better patient experiences. Research shows that organizations that let staff engagement slide realize 20 percent less revenue growth than their competitors. How can you ensure that your company or practice stays… Read more »

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