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Six Things to Quit This Year, Other Than Your Job


Everyone has at least one or two things they’d like to change about themselves. At work, which things that you do negatively impact your relationship with your coworkers in small – or maybe not so small – ways? Worst case, they may even limit your career growth opportunities.

Here are six common “no no’s” identified in workplaces. If you see yourself in any of them, maybe now is a good time to implement change.


Your coworkers are not your therapists. So, keep your venting and commiserating about personal problems to a minimum. It’s fine if you have a work friend you’re comfortable with confiding in over lunch or break, but in general, it’s a good idea to keep your sharing in check.


There’s a fine line between being caring or inquisitive and being a gossip. Try not to cross it. See if you can identify triggers to gossiping behavior, such as changing the people you have lunch with or taking your break at a different time. Conversations with coworkers always demand a certain level of discretion. Avoid asking too many questions or meddling in other people’s personal affairs. If someone wants to involve you, they will.

Venting on Social Media

Your social media footprint is only a few clicks away from anyone –including recruiters, hiring managers, or your boss. Never kid yourself by thinking that if it’s “private” it’s not out there – because it is. Work topics are best avoided on public forums. And, don’t mention your employer or company in the context of anything that could be skewed as even remotely controversial.

Poor Hygiene

This is gross, right? But it happens. If your appearance is sloppy or downright unclean, you leave an immediate poor first impression on patients, family members, colleagues and visitors. In worst case scenarios, your own health may actually suffer. Even if you’re powering through a double shift or lacking sleep except for short naps in the on-call room, tend to your personal hygiene. You – and everyone you encounter- will benefit as a result.

Being a Hoarder

Specifically, this refers to food. It’s one of life’s basic needs – and there’s nothing that drives people crazier than waiting for a long sought-after office treat and then finding out that a greedy coworker hasn’t cleaned the plate. This is especially true when someone has gone out of their way to do something special, such as bring in just enough gourmet sandwiches for the entire team, only to have one hoarder scarf up three of them before the rest of the team reaches their break time.

Unprofessional Communications

Let’s talk emojis. They’re fun, cute and kind of irresistible. They’re also unprofessional. While enjoying work and having fun is important, there’s a difference between keeping things light and losing that professionalism. Focus on being a clear, effective communicator. This is not to say that emojis are completely taboo. Just don’t go overboard.

Is it your goal to be the best healthcare professional you can be – or to take your career to the next level? Why not explore your options by talking to a member of the team at MedicalPros Recruiting + Staffing? We’ve been the Northwest’s leader in healthcare recruiting and career growth since 1994. Contact us today to learn more.




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