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Trends that are Changing the Way We Recruit Nurses


When you recruit a nurse to your patient care team, it goes without saying that you need a qualified, educated professional with the level of experience that positions them for success and is of optimal benefit to each and every person you serve. But in addition to clinical and technical skills, it’s increasingly important to hire for diversity, potential and attitude – three areas that truly define excellence when it comes to quality of care and employee longevity.


You risk disengagement and attrition of your best nursing talent if diverse hires don’t feel included and accepted in your workplace. Make sure different genders, backgrounds and opinions are respected and that people are always encouraged to be themselves.

  • Practicing inclusion may require an overhaul of your company culture. You can’t just check boxes. You need to get to a place where people feel like they truly belong.
  • Understand how to source nursing employees from diverse talent pools. Try to prevent any bias in your candidate assessment process. This could include wording your job postings to target diverse groups, training your interviewers to prevent unconscious bias, showing diversity on your interview panels, and conducting talent outreach efforts in local communities.


Never underestimate the value of an experienced nurse, but at the same time, hire with the potential for growth and learning in mind. Explore skills assessments to measure such traits as teamwork and curiosity, and consider paying candidates to do real work while your supervisors assess them.

  • Include a person’s potential coworkers in interviews. Enable both parties to talk about the position, and then gauge whether there’s a good fit.


If an applicant for a nursing job has the right attitude and the potential to excel, along with meeting your skills requirements, remember that you can always train on the job for more specific functions.

  • You’re not hiring a job description; you’re hiring a person. Nurses are on the front line of care. In addition to clinical prowess, true success stems from outstanding soft skills. Start with communication because your nurses are your voice and your bedside liaison with both patients and families.
  • Map out the type of personality you want in the position. Consider which traits – such as compassion, sensitivity and patience – will provide the persona you need.

It can be a challenge to stay current with trends in nurse recruiting – and related market developments in healthcare talent management. Let MedicalPros Recruiting + Staffing share their expertise and help you build an industry-leading staffing and workforce development strategy. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.

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