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Why Personality Matters in Healthcare Interviews


When you’re applying for a healthcare job, professional success and industry experience are only part of what a potential employer wants to see. Personality traits are just as important, as they make you the right fit for the role. When two candidates have similar capabilities, these soft skills often are the deciding factor in why one person is hired over another.


Make sure your resume reflects your leadership abilities. For instance, if you’ve helped newly-hired nurses learn a facility’s computer system, include this information. Mention how many people you trained and describe the measurable, improved outcomes that were the result.


Express your willingness to compromise on scheduled hours, holiday time, and even on day-to-day tasks and responsibilities.

  • Healthcare is often a 24/7 job. There are exceptions, such as ambulatory surgical centers that are open only on weekdays – and even there, you may need to put in early morning or evening shifts on occasion. If you’re willing to take on less popular hours and duties from time to time, your employer will be much more understanding when you need to take time off or work a different schedule.


The best healthcare professionals are those who truly care about their patients and want to provide the highest possible quality of care.

  • During your interview, discuss specific patient care experiences that have stood out to you – and what you found most rewarding about them. This can spill over from on-the-job examples to personal causes you’re passionate about, such as working on a cancer fund-raiser, volunteering as a parish nurse, or supporting a local community clinic.


The ability to work pleasantly and effectively with others is a deal breaker in virtually every job, especially in healthcare. Employers value candidates who get along with a variety of personality and work styles. Make examples of your team accomplishments an integral part of your resume and job interview narrative.

Medicalpros Recruiting + Staffing provides a full spectrum of career counseling and related services for healthcare job hunters. For nearly aquarter-centuryy, we’ve been committed to outstanding service and success, as we match professionals and leading employers throughout the Northwest. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.

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