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Five Things That Should Be on Your Resume When Looking for a Phlebotomy Job


Along with a strong cover letter, your resume is the first item a potential employer sees when considering you for a job. You are the product – and your resume is your primary sales tool. So be sure that it works for you: making you stand out from the competition as the best phlebotomist for the job.

As you write your resume, be sure to include the following items. Then, tailor it according to each specific position for which you apply.

Contact Information

Without detailed contact information, which should be located at the very top of your resume, employers will not be able to get in touch with you easily. Include your:

  • Full name, street address, city, state and zip code.
  • Phone number and email address.
  • URLs for your LinkedIn page and personal website, if you have one.

Summary Statement

This is prime resume real estate. Just below your contact information, provide a strategically branded, concise snapshot of who you are, your core strengths, and the unique value you would bring to the job. This information sets the tone for the rest of your resume. A sample might look something like this:

  • CPT II certified phlebotomist with more than a decade of experience in hospital and blood bank settings. Skillful and precise in performing venipunctures and capillary punctures, collecting and storing blood samples, and verifying medical records. Demonstrated knowledge of medical terminology quality assurance support and data entry and retrieval. Known for excellent patient relation skills.

Major Strengths and Skills

In this portion of your resume, list your relevant skills and highlight your best strengths. For example:

  • Thorough understanding of centrifugation and specimen aliquoting.
  • 600+ blood draws.
  • Special talent for instructing patients about procedures.
  • Adept at managing office work relevant to the position.

Work Experience

List your work experience in ascending order, with your most recent experiences first. Include practices and methods that you are already acquainted with. For instance:


ABC Health Systems – Happy Town, OH – Summer 2017

Phlebotomy Intern

  • Collected blood samples and urine specimens using venous and micro techniques.
  • Verified information in laboratory information system.
  • Performed bleeding time procedures.
  • Communicated with patients and staff on status of orders.

Education and Training

State your educational background and qualifications, including any certifications you have earned and training you have completed. Similar to your work experience, this should also be in ascending order. For example:


Phlebotomy Training – XYZ Technical College – Great City, NY – 2016

Certified From ASCP (American College of Pathologists)

CPR Certification

Diploma – Great City High School – 2015


At Medicalpros Recruiting + Staffing, you can partner with a specialized career counselor as you build your resume and design and carry out all the steps in your successful phlebotomist job search strategy. The Northwest leader in healthcare recruiting, we also offer access to top healthcare jobs via our vast client network. Contact us today to learn more.

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