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Looking to Quit Your Job? Answer These Questions First


Everybody has bad days at work now and then – and even bad weeks or months. This can be painfully evident in healthcare, where patient and industry demands can really take a toll. But, beyond those occasional rough patches, how can you tell when you may seriously need to think about changing jobs? You don’t want to act rashly or burn bridges.

There are some warning signs to be on the lookout for – and some questions you can ask yourself, before you make a difficult and possibly life-altering decision.

Do You Feel Appreciated?

In any job, you need to feel fulfilled and appreciated.

  • Do your coworkers and managers respect your time?
  • Are you given regular feedback on your performance, as well as recognition for your accomplishments?

Are You Bored?

Boredom at work is usually associated with a lack of challenges or intellectual stimulation. Knowing your job so well that you could do it in your sleep is good, but if it’s actually putting you to sleep, then that’s a red flag.

  • Does your current position offer opportunities for growth?
  • Are there other, more interesting tasks or projects you could take on?

Do You Like Your Schedule?

Compromises in work schedules always have to be made, but a major advantage to a nursing or other healthcare job is the option to find a position that fits your lifestyle.

  • If you dislike your current schedule, talk to your manager about a change. It may take some time, but if it’s not possible at all, then you need to look for a job with hours that work for you.

Are You Earning Enough?

With many opportunities for advancement, most healthcare careers pay well. Your compensation package should be competitive with others in your specific field, experience range and geographic area.

  • Money matters, but so do benefits. Are you happy with your paid time off, retirement plan, health and life insurance, and whatever other options you want? These, too, should mesh with your current lifestyle, whether you need on-site child care, tuition assistance, or a comprehensive family dental plan.

Are You Burned Out?

Warning signs that your current job is unsustainable due to burnout include feeling sick or exhausted most of the time, dreading going to work each day,  experiencing insomnia or other sleep disorders, and even insensitivity to your patients’ needs.

  • Talk to a career counselor and get a sense of your burnout level. Then, you can take corrective action, whether it means making a change at your current job or looking elsewhere.

Are You Waiting Too Long To Move On?

Even if it’s not easy to leave, waiting too long to find a new job can cause serious stress.

  • Unless you appropriately plan your resignation, you may one day find yourself at wit’s end and quit on the spot. This could damage your chance of maintaining a positive relationship with your employer. Word will spread quickly, possibly hurting your reputation as a professional and your chances of landing a good job somewhere else.

As a healthcare professional, you know all about taking care of other people. Be sure to take care of yourself – and your career – as well. The career counselors at Medicalpros Recruiting + Staffing can help you assess where you stand, and what your next step should be. Read our related posts or contact us today so we can tell you more.

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