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Is Your Facebook Profile the Reason You’re Not Getting that Call Back after an Interview?


Your Facebook profile may win over your friends, but a social media mistake can cost you a job.

While LinkedIn remains the most frequently used resource for hiring purposes, Facebook is the largest and widest social media network overall, with close to two billion members. Seventy percent of Facebook users engage daily, compared to only 13 percent of LinkedIn users. And HR professionals regularly use Facebook to search for and screen candidates.

Facebook Mistakes to Avoid

Well over 90 percent of recruiters review job candidates’ social profiles before making hiring decisions. Fifty-five percent of them recently reported that they reconsidered an individual, based on what they found.

As a job hunter, avoid these Facebook faux pas:

  • Any references to illegal drugs: Not surprisingly, 83 percent of recruiters said this counted against candidates.
  • Sexual posts: These were grounds for candidate dismissal according to 70 percent of those surveyed.
  • Posts about alcohol: These were declared off limits by 44 percent of respondents.
  • Poor spelling or grammar: Sixty-six percent of hiring managers rejected candidates based on this point. Employers want to hire strong communicators.
  • Political comments: These were rated negatively by close to 20 percent of survey respondents.

Also reflecting poorly were any posts that included profanity, and posts on guns.

Leverage Facebook in Your Favor

Take advantage of recruiter interest in Facebook by putting your best professional foot forward.

  • Check your privacy settings. Facebook frequently changes privacy setting criteria. Stay on top of this by looking at your settings periodically. Use the “Privacy Checkup” feature to make sure you’ve selected the best option for your situation.
  • Complete your profile. Many of the same rules of thumb for completing your LinkedIn profile also apply to Facebook. If you want recruiters to find your profile, add your past work history and professional skills to your “About” section. Click on the three dots after “View Activity Log” to select the public view of your profile. (This only works from desktop versions, not your mobile device.) Then you can see what others see when they view it.
  • Control your status updates. You can control what you post or share on Facebook by making this information viewable to “public,” “friends,” “only me” or “other.” If you see a globe next to the date in your update, this means it is public: anyone and everyone can see it and comment on it.
  • Search and follow people of interest. By using the Facebook search bar, you can find someone who works at a company you are targeting. You can follow the posts of people you’re interested in and will see their public status updates in your news feed.
  • Discover leads. Use the Facebook “Groups” feature to find people posting jobs in your field and geographic area. You can also like company career pages, which employers establish expressly for this purpose.

Whether it’s using social media, traditional networking or other strategic tools, your successful job search depends on the right action plan from start to finish. MedicalPros Recruiting + Staffing offers a comprehensive range of career counseling services to help you land your next dream job. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.

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