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How to Motivate Your Medical Staff When You See Their Morale Decreasing


There’s no doubt that positive morale is key to your business success. Happier staff members are more productive, and this inevitably spills over into better patient experiences. Research shows that organizations that let staff engagement slide realize 20 percent less revenue growth than their competitors. How can you ensure that your company or practice stays on the positive side of this statistic?

A Little Goes a Long Way

Keeping your medical staff motivated is critical, but it doesn’t necessarily have to mean offering higher salaries. Get to know each staff member as an individual, including what means the most to them both inside and outside work. Then take it from there.

Here are some proven steps to building staff morale:

Offer Flexibility

Chances are, your medical team members sometimes work long hours, extra shifts, and possibly weekends and holidays. This may come with the job – but still, you can enhance their satisfaction levels by balancing these demands with time off so they can focus on their personal lives and enjoyment. Implement job sharing, flex scheduling, or a policy that allows an extra vacation day or two.

Encourage Ongoing Development

Provide your staff with training and educational opportunities, as well as the time and resources to pursue them. This will enhance not only morale and engagement, but also retention and your image as an employer.

Recognize and Reward

Morale plummets when people feel that their work is not being appreciated or acknowledged. When praise is due, give it freely. For some, this means public recognition; for others, it takes on a more subtle tone. Find out which rewards would mean the most to an individual. Maybe it’s a family movie pass or restaurant gift card, or maybe it’s a group email or a shout out during a team meeting. Be sure it’s reflected in their HR records, so your company has lasting documentation of their recognition.

Solicit Feedback

On a regular basis, ask your staff to share their opinions, ideas and suggestions about how to make your business better and address the issues and challenges that arise. You’ll realize more buy-in, as well as excellent insight.

Have Some Fun

Even if your staff tends to be busy from shift start to finish, provide some outlets for fun and relaxation. It could be as simple as staging a themed celebration once a month. For instance, celebrate Octoberfest with seasonal food, music and décor. Of course, you can use food anytime, even if it’s just coffee and bagels or sheet pizzas and soft drinks, as an alternative to humdrum cafeteria fare.

As you build your winning medical and support staff, turn to the experienced healthcare recruiting managers and workforce development experts at MedicalPros Recruiting + Staffing. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.

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