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Are You Taking Advantage of Your Employees and Pushing Them to Do Too Much?


If you want your best employees to stay at your company, think carefully about how you treat them. Make them want to work for you just as much as you want them on your team.

Reasons People Leave

More often than not, people don’t quit their jobs. They quit their bosses. It can be easy to fall into a pattern of overworking or otherwise taking advantage of high performers, especially in a high-stakes, high-stress industry like healthcare. It’s not necessarily your fault; you may not even realize you’re doing it.

You can avoid this harmful pattern by being aware of the worst things managers do that cause good employees to resign, according to recent research at Stanford University:

Overworking People

It’s tempting to work your best people the hardest, because you know you can rely on them to get the job done. But overworking employees can make them feel as if they’re being punished for their good performance. And, it’s actually counterproductive in the long run. Productivity per hour declines sharply when a person’s workweek exceeds 50 hours, and drops off so much after 55 hours that your company gains absolutely nothing from it.

Failing to Appreciate Good Work

Everyone needs to be recognized. Communicate with your employees to find out what makes them feel good. For some, it’s public recognition. For others, it’s extra time off or a monetary reward. Handle this with thought and care. It will backfire if you recognize inappropriately.

Not Showing Empathy

Managers must balance being professional with being human. Celebrate successes, and empathize with those going through hard times. Bosses who fail to really care will always have high employee turnover rates.

Not Keeping Promises

When you uphold commitments, you earn people’s trust, respect and loyalty. When you disregard a commitment, the opposite occurs. And if you don’t keep your own promises, why should anyone else?

Hiring – or Promoting – the Wrong People

Good, talented employees want to work with others like themselves. Hiring the wrong people is a major demotivator for your current team members. Promoting the wrong people is even worse. It’s an insult for others who have worked hard and loyally, only to be passed over for advancement.

Failing to Develop Employees’ Skills

When you have high-potential employees, it’s up to you to keep finding areas where they can improve and expand their skillsets. On a related note, encourage them to be creative and innovative, and to take calculated risks. Challenge them intellectually. If talented people find themselves doing things that are too easy or boring, they will seek other opportunities.

Signs that you are overworking or taking advantage of employees may include signs of negative attitudes, decreasing engagement scores, increasing absenteeism, or people avoiding you to stay under your “extra assignment radar screen.” Another telltale signal? Find out if people are so overburdened that they fall short of taking all their allotted vacation time. This is not a sign of dedication, but more likely it points to people being stretched beyond normal limits.

Improved communication, temporary help, and better training and development strategies are all among the solutions. To learn more about these and other options to build and retain your winning team, contact MedicalPros Recruiting + Staffing today.

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