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Common Workplace Stressors that Lead to Anxiety and Lower Productivity


Stress in the workplace is not uncommon. If you’re feeling it, so are millions of others. But in this case, misery does not love company. In your healthcare career, how can you curb common stressors that may threaten your relationships with coworkers or patients, cause you unhealthy anxiety, and perhaps even threaten your own physical or mental well-being?

Stress Factors That Can Bring You Down

Do these workplace stress factors sound disturbingly familiar? And, how can you avoid or alleviate them?

Lack of Time

Unless you work in emergency medicine, putting out fires and operating in crisis mode should be the exception, not the norm. And even if your workplace is the ER, you still need to keep a close check on how you manage non-emergent and administrative tasks. Start by being realistic when it comes to deadlines. You need the certainty and accountability that go along with them, but unrealistic time constraints will stress you – and your team – beyond healthy parameters. Think twice before agreeing to a deadline that you don’t honestly think you can meet.

Spreading Yourself Too Thin

You may pride yourself on being an ace multitasker, but it’s only true if you know enough to avoid taking on too many things at the same time. Set priorities. It helps to make a written list of tasks, in order of their importance. Break large, daunting projects down into smaller, more manageable segments – and assign time slots to each one. In short, be sure there are enough hours in your shift to get it all done. Then, you can relax and leave it behind when it’s time to go home.

Communication Gaps

 You need to know what’s expected of you at all times – and your team members, patients and other clients deserve equal clarity in terms of communication. Be a good communicator and help others to do the same. Keep everyone apprised and abreast of progress – as well as any setbacks or delays that occur. Use the most effective media for your audience, whether it’s face to face, social, electronic or written, to ensure that clear messages are conveyed in a prompt fashion.

As you advance your career and fine tune your professional skillset, consider working with MedicalPros Recruiting + Staffing. We lead the Northwest in building futures for top professionals. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.

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