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CNA Interview Corner: Should You Wear Scrubs or Professional Clothes to an Interview?


When interviewing for your first certified nursing assistant job, it’s important to look appropriate, so you’re probably wondering if you should wear scrubs or business attire. If hired, you’ll likely be wearing scrubs to work each day, but do not wear them to the interview.

First impressions hold a lot of weight, and you won’t make a good one in anything less than professional clothing. If you have a sharp-looking suit, wear it. Dress pants — or a pencil skirt — with a collared shirt — tucked in — and nice shoes will also work.

4 Tips to Look Polished for Your CNA Interview

Choose Modest Attire

Don’t let your outfit be the most meaningful thing about your interview. Put all attention on you by choosing dark colors in plain or subdued prints. Leave the flashy jewelry and perfume at home, because they’re just a distraction.

Plan Your Outfit in Advance

Most days, you probably base your clothing choice on your current mood, but last-minute preparations won’t work in this case. Chances are, you haven’t worn your professional attire in awhile, so try it on for size. Confidence is a must in a job interview, and when you look good, you feel good.

Make Sure Your Clothes are Pressed

You want to walk into a job interview looking neat and tidy, so wrinkled clothing won’t cut it. Choosing your clothing a few days in advance will give you the chance to iron it or have it dry cleaned. Showing up rumpled will make you appear unprofessional, likely causing the hiring manager to think you’re not taking the meeting seriously.

Pair Your Attire With Immaculate Grooming

A great suit or a striking pencil skirt can easily be ruined by poor grooming. Make sure you’re fresh for the interview by taking the time to comb your hair, clip your nails, and swipe on extra deodorant. As a CNA, you’ll be working closely with patients, so you won’t get hired if your grooming habits send up a red flag.

Need a little help finding the right certified nursing assistant opportunity for you? Contact a career counseling expert at Medicalpros Recruiting + Staffing. As the Inland Northwest’s premier specialized healthcare recruiting and staffing service, we have the contacts needed to connect you with an outstanding employer.

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