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How to Use LinkedIn if You’re in Healthcare


The leading online site for professional networking, LinkedIn is the go-to source for healthcare professional interactions. By creating and building your own LinkedIn brand, you can take control of how you represent yourself on the job market.

More than 1.5 million healthcare pros are registered via LinkedIn for networking, job searching and professional development purposes. The site is free for most users, but you can purchase a membership for access to additional services.

LinkedIn is User-Friendly

LinkedIn is very user-friendlyYou set up an online profile, and then connect – or link in – to other users in order to grow your network.

  • As soon as you connect on LinkedIn, you make yourself accessible to other users’ networks. As your first-degree web of direct contracts grows, your secondary and tertiary networks expand exponentially.
  • Healthcare managers often post open positions on LinkedIn. They use the site to find prospective employees through posting and referrals.

Healthcare Categories

Healthcare professionals on LinkedIn include clinicians, providers, researchers, administrative personnel and medical recruiters, as well as pharmaceutical and biotech employees and managers. Members are listed in a variety of categories including:

  • More than 129,000 under “Medical Practice” in the United States, with an additional 50,000 international members.
  • Well over 320,000 under “Hospital and Health Care” domestically, and 100,000 more internationally.
  • More than 200,000 under “Pharmaceuticals,” plus 150,000 registered on an international basis. These include professionals in pharmaceutical R&D, sales and marketing, and executives, along with pharmacy techs, pharmacologists, and employees in virtually any role at pharmaceutical companies.
  • Nearly 120,000 under “Medical Device,” plus 50,000 more internationally.

There are more than 200,000 members listed under “Health, Wellness and Fitness,” more than 30,000 under “Alternative Medicine,” and more than 75,000 under “Mental Health Care.” Plus, there are an estimated 130,000 medical professionals, mostly doctors, and approximately 23,000 registered nurses in the U.S. who are listed as such.

Tips for Job Hunting

Your success in using LinkedIn as a job search tool boils down to a single word: participate!

  • It all starts with a strong, complete profile. Experts agree that an incomplete LinkedIn profile is worse than none at all. Essentially, this is your online CV. Use your full name, and a professional picture. Statistics also show that profiles without images are rarely viewed. Highlight your accomplishments effectively, and personalize your heading.
  • Customize your URL. When you sign up, LinkedIn will create a generic URL for you, but it is not meaningful or easy to remember, so it will be difficult to share. It’s important to create your own URL.
  • Join one or more networking groups. Go to the “Groups Directory” tab from your home page or profile. Then, use the Search tool to find groups where you can connect with others in your line of work or specialty. Among myriad groups for healthcare pros are Student Doctor Network, Medical Device Network, Healthcare Physicians Practice Network, Registered Nurse Group, Bio/Pharm Professionals and Health Informatics Technology (HIT) Group.
  • Get recommendations. Recommendations by colleagues and supervisors are like references, quoted right on your online profile.
  • Ask and answer healthcare questions. Use the “Q&A” module to obtain and provide information.

Do you need additional help with your LinkedIn presence, online branding, and overall job search? Contact the MedicalPros Recruiting + Staffing team today. Success is right around the corner!

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