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If You Want Top-Tier Employees, You Need Top-Tier Job Descriptions


The more effort you put into your job descriptions, the better quality candidates you’ll attract.

Think about it. Hiring top talent is one of the most important things you do to ensure quality, productivity and ongoing clinical and business success. Your JD is your advertisement for a position. It needs to tell a compelling story of why a candidate would want to work for you versus the competition.

Job Description Guidelines
Here’s how to develop JDs that will turn the head of the most sought-after talent:

  • Don’t use templates. Avoid searching the Internet and settling on job descriptions written in generic form or by another company for a similar position. Make them your own. Be as specific as possible regarding the position, the company and the industry, along with the rewards, responsibilities and challenges. For instance, what type of patient populations and diagnoses do you deal with? You want prospects to be excited about the issues faced daily and ready to contribute ideas for addressing them.
  • Brag about your employees. Let candidates know that you want top players to join your team of superstars. The people already working for you can be a great lure.
  • Play up the benefits. Emphasize your most attractive perks, keeping all your possible audiences in mind. Working parents can be sold on family health insurance coverage and on-site day care. Millennials, who will make up 36 percent of the U.S. workforce by next year, have a high level of concern for the triple bottom line: people, planet and profits. In other words, it’s not just about the paycheck.

JD 101: Your Step-By-Step Process
Follow these steps to write that successful job description:

  • Clearly define the position. Start by stating the tile and five to 10 key responsibilities. Err on the side of being concise so that every task has an obvious purpose. This enables candidates to self-eliminate early on if they know they’re not the right fit.
  • List your required skills and qualifications. Be specific. State exactly which training, equipment proficiencies, educational background, certifications and other criteria are necessary. Make sure your list is all inclusive, but don’t go overboard. Remember, a person’s work ethic and personality are just as important to their overall success. Skills can be developed, but cultural fit can neither be taught nor bought.
  • Convey your sense of culture and personality. Every organization has its own unique “feel.” Potential employees will pay close attention to this and it can be a major factor in determining overall longevity and retention. Make your culture and personality apparent in your JD, whether it’s formal, casual or somewhere in between.
  • Include formatting instructions. Specify how you want resumes, cover letters and any other documents to be formatted so they’re easily accessible and simple for your hiring team to organize. For instance, do you want them in the body of an email, as an attachment, or do you prefer the time-tested letter via U.S. mail?

Hiring the right clinical staff the first time around has never been more essential to your future growth and success, given today’s candidate-driven marketplace. To learn more about perfecting your job descriptions and sourcing and retention strategies, contact Medicalpros Recruiting & Staffing today.

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