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Top Qualities of a Healthcare Professional


For the right individuals, there’s no more rewarding career than health care. Ups and downs that can literally be life-threatening are a routine part of the job, but if caring for others and realizing the innovations of modern medical science are your passion, then the pros far outweigh the cons.

How do you know if you’re that person?


Conduct a Self-Assessment
Here are some key qualities required to succeed in healthcare:

  • Ability to follow directions. Attention to detail must be second nature. When caring for patients, you can’t afford to make errors or skip steps.
  • Strong communication skills. This involves not only knowing medical terminology, but being able to effectively translate it so your patients and their loved ones understand their care. Moreover, you need to be an effective listener, no matter what your specific job duties entail.
  • Quick response and problem-solving abilities. As a health care provider, you’re often required to think on your feet and address issues as, or before, they arise.
  • Emotional stability. The sick and injured and their loved ones can sometimes be difficult. After all, consider what they may be going through. You need to maintain an even keel throughout your work day despite the range of emotions you may encounter, from fear and frustration to anger, despair and grief.
  • Attention to detail. Clues to patient care can be uncovered through questions, observations and clinical results. You must be able to incorporate every minute detail to arrive at the right conclusion. Inattention to detail could lead to a misdiagnosis or adverse patient outcome.
  • A passion for caring. On a daily basis, your emotions will be pushed to the limit, your stress level will be tested, and you’ll be called upon to wear many hats: counselor, confidant, mediator and friend, in addition to healthcare professional. Empathy is a necessary trait, and you must be able to feel compassion and provide comfort as part of your effective job performance.


The Pros and Cons
As you complete your self-assessment, consider these aspects of a career in healthcare:

  • High job security. Rarely does a healthcare professional have difficulty finding work. Overall, the industry is recession-proof and analysts forecast it will have the most job growth of any field in the years to come. Currently, healthcare jobs represent 10 of the 20 fastest-growing professions in the U.S.
  • Salary potential. Though this should not be the number-one driver in your career decision, it’s notable that many healthcare jobs pay well. Physicians and specialists routinely earn six-figure salaries. Other experienced clinicians and managers also enjoy handsome compensation.
  • Schedule flexibility. Healthcare positions can be part-time, full-time or per diem and job-sharing may be an option. The flip side is the reality of abrupt schedule changes and the requirement to work weekends and holidays when needed. And, healthcare is time-demanding. It’s not uncommon for some professionals to work 36 to 48 hours with little or no sleep, or work a normal eight-hour shift after spending the night on call.
  • Physical demands. Long hours may be spent standing or sitting. Some disciplines require manual dexterity including constant lifting of patients and/or equipment. Virtually all healthcare professions demand mental toughness, which can take a physical toll.


So, what do you think? For further guidance, read our related posts or contact the expert team at Medicalpros today.

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