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How to Get to Work More Energized and Ready for Your Workday

Every day at work, you want to be the best, most productive employee you can be. As noted by Lynn Taylor, national workplace expert and author, how you prepare ahead of time “often sets the tone and your attitude for the day. It also can derail or direct your focus.” Use these tips to ace… Read more »

Preparing for Your Contract Assignment: From Meeting New Coworkers to Showcasing Your Expertise

Your next contract work assignment may be short or long term – but either way, you have a unique opportunity to make a lasting positive impression on an employer. Don’t let it go to waste. Be proactive as you take on new projects and tasks. Regardless of the length or type of assignment, position yourself… Read more »

The Key Tips to Avoid Being Taken Advantage of During Your Next Shift

Nobody wants to be taken advantage of, in any life situation. But when you suspect it’s happening at work, it becomes especially challenging. Whether it’s your boss or a coworker who is doing the damage, it’s something you need to address promptly and professionally. Signs to Watch For It can be difficult at first to… Read more »

Five Reasons to Partner with a Medical Staffing Firm to Land Your Next Job

A staffing firm that specializes in medical and healthcare placements can be an excellent partner in your job search – helping you to zero in on your preferred niche in the market, whether it’s a major regional hospital or a smaller, more specialized facility. Since the end of the recession, employment in the U.S. through… Read more »

The True Importance of Thanking Your Medical Unit for Their Hard Work

When people commit to working for a company, they like to feel they are part of a team. Often, they spend more time with their coworkers than with many other people in their lives – even family. Recognizing the contribution and value of the members of your medical unit helps solidify working relationships, build engagement,… Read more »

Not an Extrovert? Stand Out in an Interview with Your Strengths

Your resume and cover letter are flawless. You’re the perfect fit for the job. But, if you are by nature an introvert, an interview can be a terrifying prospect. Don’t worry. Turn your typically “introverted” traits into strengths and get ready to nail it! Strengths … Not Weaknesses These traits may feel all too familiar… Read more »

All In: Get Your Employees to Advertise and Advocate for You

Your employees are your best brand advocates. When you provide them with great content to share, as well as helping them to cultivate understanding of and pride in their company, they become an even more powerful asset. Social media is a growing arena where individuals can – through the limitless power of their own voices… Read more »

Make Your Mark: Nursing is Noble

Being noble means having and showing the personal qualities that people most admire, including honesty, generosity, integrity and courage. While all aspects of medicine are noble, nurses are the professionals who serve hands-on, right at the bedside, throughout the course of a patient’s care. They translate doctors’ orders into action, ensuring that all necessary tasks… Read more »

Stressed at Work? Chill Out this Fall with These Tips

A little bit of stress can be healthy, but too much is too much! Excessive stress at work can interfere with your performance and productivity, as well as your physical and emotional health – and possibly even that of your patients and other customers. Your ability to deal with stress can mean the difference between… Read more »

Generosity: Good for Customer Service and Awesome for Your Reputation!

Customer service is important for any business – but in healthcare, it takes on a whole new meaning. Great patient care requires compassion and a “patient first” mindset that applies without exception. And erring on the side of generosity is the best way to consistently make this happen. Scenarios to Consider Choose generosity over the… Read more »

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