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Why It Is So Important to Find Work/Life Balance

How’s your work/life balance? It’s been a much-debated topic in the business world for many years. As employees and the general population have become more and more connected via technology and social media, it has grown increasingly difficult for many to separate work from their personal lives. In addition to being constantly connected, workers are… Read more »

Tips to Turning Your CNA Job into One You Love

While you may not have your dream job right now, there are still plenty of reasons to be appreciative of what you do have. Maybe you loved it at first, but after a few years, you’ve begun to doubt your passion for your work. This doesn’t mean your only option is to quit. With some… Read more »

Three Ways to Fill That Skills Gap on Your Team

You set the bar high when it comes to expectations for your healthcare team. You have to … because lives depend on it. When you are hiring or carrying out other talent management duties, you have a heightened sense of responsibility. It becomes daunting when you have key positions to fill – and a skills… Read more »

Why it Pays to Connect Regularly with your Supervisor

Productive, respectful relations between an employee and their boss are critical. There is something in it for both of you. Your supervisor plays a key role in your career advancement, so the more they know you, your work and your work ethic, the more likely you are to be rewarded. A healthy relationship with your… Read more »

Top Energy Snacks to Keep You on Your Feet During Your Next Shift

There’s a wealth of scientific evidence to support the connection between what we eat and how we feel. Changing your diet – even when it comes to grabbing a quick snack during the workday – can significantly improve your metabolism, which ultimately enhances your energy level. Carbs Alone Don’t Cut It The best energy and… Read more »

Your Team Reflects You! 5 Coaching Tips to Help You Lead Your Medical Unit Effectively

What does it take to have a truly motivated team? Take a page from the best sports coaches and other leaders who achieve the right balance of passion, collaboration and productivity – and get optimal results from their team members. With coaching, you provide your employees the opportunity to grow and achieve the best possible… Read more »

Nervous About the Interview? Try These Easy Stress Reducers

It’s normal to feel nervousness and stress prior to a job interview. As noted by Dr. Tamar Chansky, author of Freeing Yourself from Anxiety, when you perceive that you’re in a high-stress situation, your brain doesn’t distinguish an interview from being under physical attack. It responds “in the same way – gearing up to run… Read more »

Can You Get to the Next Point in Your Career without a Career Mentor?

There is a lot of talk in the medical community, and professional workplaces as a whole, about career mentors. Experts from every corner of the employment sector suggest that building a relationship with a mentor is key to future career success. But can you succeed without a mentor? Of course, nothing is ever guaranteed, so… Read more »

Promoting Employees to Help Them Advance and Improve Their Careers

While your employees should take responsibility for advancing their own careers, it’s up to you to share in this goal. By collaborating with your people and promoting them within your own company, you benefit as a result of greater loyalty, higher retention and an enhanced reputation as an employer of choice. It becomes an ongoing… Read more »

How to Handle Disgruntled Patients in the Waiting Room

Most medical and support staffs agree that 95 percent of all patients are great to work with. They are easygoing and cooperative, and they understand when things don’t run as smoothly as they should on any given day. It’s the other five percent you need to worry about. By taking the right communication steps, you… Read more »

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