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Brain Feeling Like Mush? Take Advantage of Your Work Breaks!

You work in healthcare, so you’re well aware that taking breaks from activities that are physically and/or mentally straining helps you to reenergize and prevent injury. But, do you practice what you preach? Chances are, the answer is no – or at least, not as much as you should. While your patients may benefit from… Read more »

Six Things to Quit This Year, Other Than Your Job

Everyone has at least one or two things they’d like to change about themselves. At work, which things that you do negatively impact your relationship with your coworkers in small – or maybe not so small – ways? Worst case, they may even limit your career growth opportunities. Here are six common “no no’s” identified… Read more »

Be on Top of Your Networking Game

Did you know that at least 60 percent of all jobs are found through networking? With today’s technology, it’s easier than ever to build a wide net of professional connections. But it still comes down to face-to-face and interpersonal relationship building – turning to friends, family, colleagues, college alumni and anyone else who might assist… Read more »

Trends that are Changing the Way We Recruit Nurses

When you recruit a nurse to your patient care team, it goes without saying that you need a qualified, educated professional with the level of experience that positions them for success and is of optimal benefit to each and every person you serve. But in addition to clinical and technical skills, it’s increasingly important to… Read more »

Do You Feel like Your Job Search is hitting a Dead End? Creative Ways to Get Back on Track

Have you hit a rut in your job search? Are you scanning those job boards daily, but nothing interesting catches your eye? It’s perfectly normal to plateau as you look for your ideal position. You can’t maintain that peak level of energy every day. But you do want to stay on track. What steps can… Read more »

Attention Healthcare Pros: Be Aware of These Trends Impacting EMRs

The $26.5 billion electronic medical records market has been undergoing fundamental changes in recent months, which healthcare professionals who work with EMRs need to keep on their radar screen. Issues related to usability and interoperability have risen to the surface, and policy, industry and medical practice trends may result in a new EMR landscape going… Read more »

Five Jobs for Nurses that Aren’t “Nursing”

There’s nothing more frustrating or demoralizing than being stuck in a job you don’t like. Chance are, you got into nursing because you’re passionate about helping people, but due to politics, stress or other damaging factors, your role as a bedside or direct patient care nurse has lost its luster. Bottom line: It’s time for… Read more »

How is AI Changing Your Patients’ Experiences?

The amount of available digital data is growing at a staggering pace, doubling every two years. In 2012, it encompassed 4.4 zettabytes. By 2020, the data created and stored annually will reach 44 zettabytes, or 44 trillion gigabytes. What does this Big Data revolution mean to healthcare – and how will it impact the average’s… Read more »

A Guide to Earning the Trust of Your Patients

When people choose a healthcare provider, they consider myriad personal, practical, financial and emotional factors. But when they find a caregiver they can trust, everything else becomes secondary. Patient trust is closely related to better outcomes, so how can you ensure that you earn it on a regular basis? Trust as Part of Your Brand… Read more »

Why Personality Matters in Healthcare Interviews

When you’re applying for a healthcare job, professional success and industry experience are only part of what a potential employer wants to see. Personality traits are just as important, as they make you the right fit for the role. When two candidates have similar capabilities, these soft skills often are the deciding factor in why… Read more »

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